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LGD Wedges
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Our LGD-1 Wedges are Made in the USA and forged with mild carbon steel, for an amazing feel. With a Tour grind and 8' of bounce, LGD-1 wedges are designed for golfers of every level. With our unique custom machining process, each club face is CNC milled and the grooves are individually engraved.


We also can customize your wedges like no other company. We offer our wedges in Satin Chrome, Matte Black, Gloss Black and Liquid Blue. You can also customize your wedges with our laser etched design's. From our Circular Damascus pattern to a Cool Liquid Design pattern. Or you can put your favorite team logo or your company logo as well. Also available in matte black and gloss black, please contact us to order.


We have a wide variety of wedge shafts and grips available, if you do not see the shaft or grip that you would like.

If you would like to ask a question about any component, please contact us at (480) 335-6520 and we can special order your shafts/grips, additional costs may apply.


Bounce: All wedges have 8 degrees of bounce.

Lofts & Lie: 50'/63, 52'/63, 54'/64, 56'/64, 58'/65, 60'/65

loft & Length: 50'/35.5", 52'/35.5", 54'/35.25", 56'/35.25", 58'/35", 60/35"

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