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Here are the three ways you can begin your golf club refurbish order.
  1. Contact us by phone and speak with a Liquid Golf representative to communicate what services you would like to purchase. We will confirm your order and email you a invoice for payment and instructions on where to ship your club/clubs. Once payment is completed, you will place your club/clubs in a well packaged box so it will not get damaged during shipping. (Liquid Golf Designs is not responsible for any damage done during shipping to and from.) 
  2. Contact us by email at: and describe what brand and model of golf clubs you would like refurbished. You will also describe what custom coating you would like and color of paint fill. If you have special requests, we suggest to contact us directly by phone at (480) 335-6520. After you have sent your email, a invoice will be created and sent to you for payment and instructions on where to send your golf club/clubs.
  3. Select and purchase items that you would like on the lower section of this page. Place your club/clubs in a well packaged box and mail them to: Advanced Dynamic Golf Center c/o Liquid Golf Designs 740 S. Cooper Rd. Gilbert, AZ. 85233. Please fill out contact information on your receipt, as we will contact you to confirm your order once we receive your club/clubs.
Allow 2 - 5 weeks after we receive and confirm your order for return shipping. You will be responsible for shipping to and from.  Liquid Golf Designs is not responsible for any damaged done during the shipping process. Golf clubs that are sent to us with large or deep scratches or dents may not be removable unless many grams of weight is removed. This will effect the feel of your golf club. We generally remove about 1-5 grams of weight, but can replace it in some cases. The custom coatings that we use are immeasurable and do not effect the weight of he club. If you choose to use polymer finish in wedges or irons, it may have a small effect on spin. It is very difficult to feel the difference on a putter face, but it may slightly effect the feel. If you feel that your club might be too damaged to repair, we suggest that you send us pictures before sending to us. We will not be responsible for any return shipping costs for clubs that are too damaged to repair.
Q: How durable is the coatings you use?
A: Polymer finishes are generally used for guns to protect from scratches and rust. This finish will give you golf club a longer life span.
   PVD is generally used for machine parts like drill bits and aerospace tools. It is applied to extend the life of the tool as well. Certain PVD           colors like blue and black will wear of on the bottom and face of wedges and irons. For black, we suggest DLC, it is more durable but only       available in black.
Q: Does the finish you apply effect the weight, grooves, feel?
A: All finishes we use are immeasurable in weight and do not effect the grooves. They do sometimes create more spin on wedges. Polymer           finish may effect the feel slightly on wedges and irons, but generally it is very difficult to feel a difference on putter faces.
Q: Can you apply more than one custom coating color to my club?
A: No, but putters with more than one piece like TaylorMade Spiders, can have separate color choices for an additional cost.
Q: Do you custom coat anything other than golf clubs?
A: We generally try and just do golf clubs, but it never hurts to ask.
Q: How long does your services take?
A: Pending on the amount of customization you are doing, a standard one finish one club refurbish takes about 2-5 weeks after we receive your club till the time we ship out. 
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