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Our Fitting Technology

Using data from our Mizuno Shaft Optimizer and advanced technical swing data from our Uneekor Eye XO launch monitor, wecan create a perfect swing blueprint for the most efficient fittings.  

UNEEKOR EYE XO offers more data points for passioned golfers looking to sharpen their skills and elevate their game. 

With unrivaled non-marked ball technology, and flexibility for right and left-handed golfers, it uses dual high-speed cameras to capture every single detail of your swing. This advanced technology will help capture data that is very helpful for finding the fit that fits you in our fitting sessions.

Bomb drives or dial in your irons to mastering your short game.

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Since its introduction in 2010, the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer has recorded over 500,000 unique golf swings – allowing us to constantly refine our Swing DNA fitting system.

The Optimizer has become recognized as the most effective way to start any fitting session, by measuring over 40 data points within the player’s swing – their unique Mizuno Swing DNA.


Mizuno’s Swing DNA system then matches the player’s unique DNA to a map of over 50 iron shafts – shortlisting the best 3 to test


Using the same Mizuno Swing DNA, the software can also identify lie angle, full set make up and the best suited Mizuno ball model.


Quintic Ball Rolling System


Putter Brands

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Coming Soon

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Stability ONE

Stability One, the latest in BGT’s award‑winning lineup is a full‑length composite putter shaft with our softest feel. Built ultra-stiff, with 1 degree of torque so your putter face will remain square at impact for smooth consistent putts. A traditional tour taper design with clean blackout looks

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Carbon Shafts

Golfs first ever customizable putter shaft. With the new Stability Carbon you can customize to fit your game—length, connector color, even tip finish. Discover why golfers of all abilities have switched to the exclusive technology of Stability.

• Advanced Materials Integration,™ patented technology that delivers the face square at impact and is available only from BGT.

• Carbon weave for playability refinement and improved feel.

• Change your loft, lie, length, balance, grip… even the site lines.

• Customize your shaft with 4 connector options and 2 tip finishes.

• Fits all putters, regardless of brand or bend profile—straight, single or double bends and it’s easy to install.

• 1 degree of torque, so your putter face remains square at impact to deliver consistent, accurate putts that roll straight every time.

• 99% of golfers who play Stability prefer it over steel

Stability Tour Black.jpg

Tour Black

The Stability Tour Black is a premium putter shaft designed with a stealth black matte shaft and glossy branding. Stability Black was built on the tour design platform, which has a diameter and balance point closer to conventional steel. Stability Black is designed for a complete blackout look to eliminate all line of sight distractions.

Stability Tour comes with a matte black Polymer-Ceramic Composite coating on the steel tip, which is extremely resistant to abrasion/wear, corrosion, impact strength and hardness

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ZNE Wedge Shafts

The ZNE® 2–piece Wedge Shafts are designed with Advanced Materials Integration™, which delivers the face square at impact for more center strikes and lower scores.

Versatility & Shot Performance
3 weights: 90 gm, 115 gm or 130 gm for optimal feel, control and consistency.

Black Ceramic Dura-Coated Tips
Provides durability and no line of sight distraction. Engineered for optimal launch and spin.

Proprietary Coupler
Designed with internal micro-barbs to ensure a virtually unbreakable bond between graphite and steel

Stability Tour Colbalt.jpg

Tour Colbalt

The Stability Tour Cobalt Putter Shaft represents the forefront of 2-piece technology and is a testament to innovation and putting performance. Built with state-of-the-art technology and a streamlined slim look for tour preferred control and feel. Are you ready to revolutionize your putting? Embrace the technology and superior performance of Stability Tour Cobalt today!

• Patented 2-piece construction
• Sleek, tapered, tour design
• Ultra-Stiff, 1 degree of torque so the putter face remains square at impact for consistent, stable putts
• Softer feel
• Fits all putter models, regardless of bend profile

Brava Driver Shafts.jpg

BRAVA Driver Shafts

BGT® has forever changed the way golfers look at putting when the Stability shafts were introduced. That same thinking went into developing the Brava™ Wood Shaft. It delivers the power and consistency to perform shot after shot regardless of swing speed or driver model. Designed for maximum ball speed and smash factor because it delivers more center strikes and a better face angle.

In head-to-head testing, Brava was up to 10 yards longer than two of the top performing premium driver shafts on the market. The magic comes from a shaft that feels very light yet still delivers incredible power.

Exclusive Speedflite NRG™ technology is built with premium Toray™ carbon fiber, which is 10x the strength of steel at a fraction of its weight. This translates to less energy needed when swinging and results in an exceptionally stable driver head for more distance and tighter ball dispersion

Stability Tour Fire.jpg

Tour Fire

The Hottest Putter Shaft—Stability Tour Fire.

With tour proven performance, Stability Tour Fire features a deep, rich red to make your putting game hotter than ever. Stability is the only shaft on the market that fits all putters, regardless of the bend profile—straight, single or double and is easy to install, requires no practice and will immediately elevate your game

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Tess Anderson

A new golf company with 100 years of experience lies in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. Breakthrough Golf’s state of the art facility utilizes the latest technology to develop and market the finest, most precise shafts available.

Founder Barney Adams has the unique ability to see what is missing in golf equipment. He started with putter shafts since there had been no significant innovation for decades. After years of research and development and countless hours of testing and perfecting the Stability shaft was developed.

Tens of millions of dollars are spent annually on golf R&D. They are all chasing the same elusive thing- true technological breakthroughs. Many products don’t deliver but some do produce true results.  In fact, we believe that no shaft company on the planet delivers innovation in golf like Breakthrough Golf Technology.


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Authorized Putter Fitter

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