Our Teaching Philosophy:

At Advanced Dynamic Golf Center we understand that finding the right golf instructor for you and your swing, can be a strenuous task. 
This is why we have created Advanced Dynamic Golf Center, we strive to make you the best golfer that is in you. It is not very often you can see or read about how your golf lesson will be taught. But here at Advanced Dynamic we want you to know what you can learn here and how we will teach you. After hearing and viewing our video's we hope you will contact us for a K-VEST Assessment and/or a Private Golf Lesson and build a long and effective student/coach team.
There is a growing trend in the "Professional Golf Instructor world" that has instructors divided. Some feel that old school, driving range teaching with no technology, is the way to teach. On the other hand, some feel that technology is the newest and greatest and golf instruction should be all about technology.
Here at Advanced Dynamic, we feel that both old school and new technology is the way to get the best results and creating an efficient golf swing for you.  This is why we offer K-VEST Assessment and Private Golf Lessons. Golf is hard enough, why not use all the tools available to help you learn.

Golf Instruction Available
  • Private Golf Lessons

  • K-VEST Swing Evaluations

  • K-VEST/Private Lesson Package

  • Driving Range Lesson (Chandler, AZ.)

  • Iron and Wedge Fitting

  • Putter Fitting

  • Iron Gapping

      (includes adjusting Lie & Lofts)

  • 6pk Lesson Packages

Technology utilized:

  • K-VEST

  • K-Coach

  • K-Player

  • HackMotion

  • Quintic Ball Rolling System (Coming Soon)

  • Uneekor Eye XO (Coming Soon)

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Private Golf Lessons

Our Private Golf Lessons are one-on-one with you and your golf coach. You will go through a interview process before starting and get to know more about what your golfing goals are and what you would like to accomplish. From putting, short - game, iron play to woods/driver, we can set a plan together to help you achieve your goals.
We will put in as much effort and time as you will that will make your golf swing more efficient. We offer indoor and outdoor Private Golf Lessons, we suggest that your first Private Lesson be conducted in our Simulator room in our Gilbert location. With our launch monitors and camera system your lesson will start with data that can help your instructor educate themselves with your swing then moving outside if necessary.
We also teach on the driving range at our Chandler, AZ. location.
(Springfield GC.)  
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K-VEST Technology

With our K-VEST 3-D training system, we can assess your golf swing, at address, top-of-swing, and impact position. Our K-VEST system will identify any compensations that you may be making in your golf swing because of a inefficient position that you may be getting into. After calibrating you into the system by your height, your body positions, and your body alignment we then proceed to capturing your swing or swings. The K-VEST system will inform us on where your body positions are at address, top-of-swing and impact position and provide an exact position in degrees, from hip rotation to hip forward lean also spine rotation and spine forward. It will also show your kinematic sequence to see if your swing starts with hips, upper body then hands. After assessing your data we will go to training mode, this is a great way for you to better understand any positions that you may feel you are getting into, but the computer doesn't lie and you can see the actual results yourself. It will produce an avatar of your upper and lower body, with this visual avatar we can efficiently get you into the correct positions that you may have not been getting into from the data that we have been provided. You will grasp the information faster and attain the information long, thus making your session more efficient.



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Hackmotion Lessons COMING SOON

HackMotion Wrist Sensor makes it easier to measure and optimize your wrist angles to gain better clubface control and more controlled ball flight with smart biofeedback solution.

Compatible for full swing, pitching and putting, this nifty device lets you easily track and demonstrate progress during lessons, compare and benchmark swings to previous data or PGA Tour player results.

HackMotion simply helps you make smart, data-based decisions for improving ball flight and provides real-time cause and effect to accelerate the learning curve!

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How wrist angles control the clubface

Your lead wrist basically shows what the clubface is doing. The better you control the amount of flexion/extension of the wrist, the better you will control the clubface and the ball flight.
Read more on how measuring and adjusting wrist angles helps in improving ball flight.

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Golf Instructor - Efren Nava

Owner of Advanced Dynamic Golf Center, Efren Nava has a Teaching Certificate and Degree from the Golf Academy of America. Along with his passion for teaching, he also is a Certified K-VEST Instructor and has been voted as a Top 100 World Club Fitter.

Keeping instruction simple but yet using technology to help educate myself in finding proper positions for your golf swing is my goal. I do not try and get you to swing like the players you see on telivision, as they are trained professional athletes and much more powerful and athletic than the average golfer. I help find the best swing positions for you your game anf your physical abilities. Once we make your golf swing more efficient, the game becomes fun and enjoyable. 

As a professional club fitter as well, I will take a look at your equipment as well to make sure that your equipment is not the problem.If I do find that your equipment is not correct for your golf swing and abilities, I can suggest and have the right equuipment built custom just bfor you.

Let's make your golf swing more efficient - Coach Efren Nava


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