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Return shipping costs will be added when checking out. Order your custom ferrules here, after visiting BB&F website simply write down the name of thr ferrules you would like in the message section when purchasing.


BB&F only sells their ferrules until they run out of that particular color and sometimes DISCONTINUE FERRULES, they may or may not offer the color choice again. So please only include ferrules that are available on their website currently. Ferrules that have been discontinued will need to be updated with another updated ferrule selection.

Thank you


Ship your clubs, maximum of 10 irons, in a box that will protect your clubs during shipping. Shipping estimate rate of box is 45"X 8"X 8" maximum.


Ship to: 

Advanced Dynamic Golf Center

825 S Cooper Rd

Suite B2

Gilbert, AZ. 85233

Ship your clubs to us for ferrule installation

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