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Find The Right Stability

Finding the right putter profile can dramatically increase your consistency, distance, and accuracy. And when it comes to putter shafts, the less torque the better, which is why all Stability Putter shafts have 1 degree of torque and are ultra-stiff.

Now you've got a choice to choose which Stability Shaft you want to putt with- Stability Carbon, Stability Tour, and the Stability One. All Stability putters are ultra-stiff but with a soft, responsive feel.

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Buy Stability Carbon
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Stability® Tour 2024 M-Edition

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Stability® Tour Pearl

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Stability® Tour Smile

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Stability® Tour Aloha

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A New Golf Technology Company

A new golf company with 100 years of experience lies in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. Breakthrough Golf’s state of the art facility utilizes the latest technology to develop and market the finest, most precise shafts available.

Founder Barney Adams has the unique ability to see what is missing in golf equipment. He started with putter shafts since there had been no significant innovation for decades. After years of research and development and countless hours of testing and perfecting the Stability shaft was developed.

Tens of millions of dollars are spent annually on golf R&D. They are all chasing the same elusive thing- true technological breakthroughs. Many products don’t deliver but some do produce true results.  In fact, we believe that no shaft company on the planet delivers innovation in golf like Breakthrough Golf Technology.



BGT Ambassador

One of the most sought-after and respected coaches in the game today, McCormick is the founder of Altus Performance and serves as the Director of Instruction at the Trinity Forest Golf Club in Dallas, Texas. Best known for coaching 3-time major champion Jordan Spieth since the age of 12, McCormick’s clients, past and present, include over 30 combined PGA, Champions,, and LPGA Tour players and 4 USGA Junior Amateur champions. He is a Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher and in 2015 was named the PGA of America Teacher of the Year. Cameron supports our Stability putter shaft and even had a direct influence on the Stability One.

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