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Golf Instruction

  • Private one on one

  • K-VEST 4-sensor based system

  • HackMotion - 2 sensor wrist system 

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Our teaching philosophy is based on actual TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) data from hundreds of professional golfers. Understanding that we are not trying to get you to swing a certain way, but helping you see, hear and feel exactly what you are doing in your golf swing will help us to see your swing errors sooner and build a path to more efficient golf.


  • Iron Fitting

  • Wedge Fitting

  • Putter Fitting

  • Driver Fitting

  • Iron Gapping

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Utilizing technology such as our Uneekor Eye XO ceiling based launch monitor with two high speed cameras helps us capture data that will help us find the perfect fit for you.

We also use our Mizuno Shaft Optimizer to help create a informative swing blueprint that will help in our fitting process.

Liquid Golf Designs

  • Custom club restoration

  • Re-furbish to new

  • Mail-in your club or walk-in to our Gilbert, Arizona location.

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Create something original or have us refurbish your golf club back to it's original glory. We offer a large selection of coatings as well as laser etching to create logos, names or photos. 

You can mail-in your club to us or come by our Gilbert, Arizona location.

Simulator use:
Play Golf or Practice 

  • Practice by the hour

  • Play your favorite golf course

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Our Uneekor Eye XO system allows you to see data such as angle of attack, dynamic loft, club and ball speed, face to path and much more. With two high speed cameras you can play back in slow motion club to ball contact.

Also with our GSPro software, you can play many famous golf courses like Pebble Beach, Bethpage, Chambers Bay, Pinehurst #2 & #8, St. Andrews and a special golf course in Augusta Georgia. Play

Visit Our Gilbert Location

  • Full-Service Golf Club Repair Shop

  • Golf Club and Merchandise sold

  • Demo putters on our putting green

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