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FC-ONE A Series Driver

Loft Range: 8.5-12.5    Lie 60    Weight 208 grams    Material: 6-4 Titanium

Our new FC-ONE Driver a Series features adjustable technology providing 8 unique loft settings from 8.5 degrees open – 12.5 degrees closed.  Designed by industry veteran Jeff Sheets, the FC-ONE a Series is packed with technology to make this mid-high launch low spin driver ideal for a broad range of player profiles.

Starting with a honey comb crown using a super strong and super light 3-3-3-1 Beta Ti material, the driver offers a lower and more stable CG for easy launch characteristics.   A cup face design with variable face thickness means maximum ball speed even on off-center hits.  What’s more, the FC-ONE Fairway a Series allows club-fitters to match up adjustable woods for the same golfer.

Swing Science 200 shaft.jpg

The most popular of our Swing Science shafts, the 200 Series offers a full flex range in both woods and irons. Featuring a light weight filament wound design, the 200 Series generates high launch ball flight characteristics

Swing Science 400 series shaft.jpg

Our new 400 Series Multi-Flex composite shaft technology will deliver 50 full flex increments from a series of three specially designed iron shafts. Following the Professional Clubmakers Society flex conventions, you can build from a 2.5 all the way up to a 7.5.

Featuring filament wound construction, the new 400 Series provides exceptional concentricity for superb impact repeatability. Add in the consistency of a filament wound design and you have the ideal shaft for frequency matching. The mirror chrome finish with the midnight blue logo makes this shaft look as great as it feels!

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