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It’s BIG and built for one thing: sending bombs down the middle. The all-new Launcher XL 2 Draw Driver delivers more distance, forgiveness, and consistency than ever, thanks to new MainFrame technology, an improved XL design, and more.

MainFrame XL Face

MainFrame XL Face Technology uses a variable thickness pattern that maximizes flex at impact to boost distance. It also repositions weight low and deep in the clubhead for added forgiveness and consistency.

Rebound Frame

Instead of giving it one flex zone, the Launcher XL 2 has two. With alternating flex zones acting in-sync, Rebound Frame directs more energy into the ball for speed and distance on every shot.

Action Mass CB

An 8g weight tucked into the end of the shaft counterbalances the club for more control without extra effort. This counterweight helps the club feel lighter on takeaway and stay stable through impact.

Adjustable Hosel

With an adjustable hosel, you can fine-tune your launch angle, distance, and shot shape. Adjust your loft, face angle, and lie angle with 12 different positions. The wrench is sold separately.

Draw Model

With a reworked chassis, the Launcher XL 2 Draw Model was born to bust the slice and find more fairways so you can stay focused on what to hit next.

Cleveland XL 2 Driver 10.5 RH

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