We provide a unique opportunity to demo and purchase some of the best custom golf clubs in the business. Our selection are the only golf clubs that are custom fit, and custom built, just for you and your swing. Our fitting process will measure and fit  each component, from grip, shaft and golf club head, best for you and your game. Each component is carefully selected by both technology and dynamic fitting process. From your wedges to long irons, each club will be fit prior to purchase and then fit again after purchase to make sure you have the correct fit for you. And its all free, with any Advanced Dynamic Golf Center purchase. All fittings are done in our private simulator room.
Fitting will cost $100.00 up front, then you will receive $100.00 credit towards your purchase of custom clubs.
All custom golf clubs are built in our club building room by professional master builders.   
Call today to make your custom golf club fitting appointment at (480) 335-6520.
LGD Wedges

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