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Miura TC-201

The TC-201 offers the performance of a muscle back with the increased forgiveness of a cavity back. The progressive weighting in the sole provides a lower center of gravity in the long irons for added height and higher trajectory on longer shots. Slightly changing to a higher center of gravity in the short irons creates a lower trajectory and more control on shorter shots. Constant weight towards the heel and toe helps with off center shots. The sole design contributes significantly to the playability and forgiveness of this club and the minimal offset paired with the top line at address inspires confidence. The TC-201 is a player’s iron that acts as a replacement for the CB-1008 and perfectly complements the MB-101.

$300.00 per club
Shaft and grip upgrade available upon request

MATERIAL: Premium (S25C) Soft Carbon Steel

MAKE-UP: 3 to PW


 3I          4I       5I        6I        7I         8I        9I       PW  
Loft                21º            23º        26º         29º        33º          37º         41º         46º
Lie Angle        60.5º         61º       61.5º       62º        62.5º       63º        63.5º       64º
Weight          245g,       251g,     258g,     265g,     272g,      280g,     288g,     298g
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