Liquid Golf Designs

Welcome to the new dimension of custom golf club designs.
We have created a unique and artistic platform that allows you to specially design golf clubs just as unique as your imagination allows you. 
From custom colored finishes, laser etching designs, glass blasting, personalized hand stamping, custom micro paint fill, deep etching and more.
We provide you with one of a kind tools, that will help you create an amazing custom golf club just for you.
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Monster Green and
Gun Medal Grey
Orange and
Tungsten Grey
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Here at Liquid Golf Designs, we take pride in our refurbishing process. We try and work with our customers to optimize the coolest or best option that you will like the best. From a custom coating to trying to get you club to look like it's original shine as when you first purchased it. We strive to create works of art that anyone could admire. Please view our work in the videos and pictures provided, as we try to update every so often.
The material that we use for coating can be one of several options that we provide. From a polymer finish that the US Military uses on there weapons to prevent from rust and an added coating for longer life. Our coatings are unmeasurable when it comes to added weight or measurable change in grooves.
We are located in Gilbert, Arizona. We offer two options to get started. By mailing us your club/clubs or making an appointment to bring in your clubs in person. Please contact us if you have any questions at (480) 335-6520. 
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Liquid Golf Designs
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Contact us at (480) 335-6520 for all your Cerakote needs. Golf clubs, guns etc.

Please contact us if you have any special request or questions at

(480) 335-6520 or email us at We strive for customer satisfaction and would like to continue working to perfect our website and process. Please feel free to email us with any concerns.

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